These Places Can Turn You into A Better Poker Player

There is one thing I love about poker so much. Unlike many lottery games, this one allows me, as well as everyone, to hone our skills. It is not just a game that relies on luck, but also our skills. There will be always new challenges here in this game, no matter how many experiences you have under your hand.

Once you enjoyed this game, you can’t stop loving it and all the challenges it brings. However, you might find some difficulties when you started playing it for the first time. I once felt the same thing and for this very reason, I want to show you how to encounter this problem.

As I’ve told you before, there are plenty of room to improve your skills in this game. In this article, I’ll show you some of these best places. Remember them and someday you’ll become a great poker player.

Social Poker Networks

Online poker suddenly became our culture darling when Chris Moneymaker won a huge prize back in 2003. Since then, many social poker platforms popped out of nowhere. Two of them, WSOP and Zynga Poker, still remain today as two of the best poker platforms you can play. Today, you can play them for free on Facebook.

Of course, since real poker involves real money, playing at these free platform will not do much to hone your skills. Besides, you will less likely find someone who is particularly good. The only good news is there are thousands or even more players you can find here. All of them have their own playing style. You can use this chance to learn how people play and build their strategies.

Online Rooms

Social networks are a good place if this is your first time playing poker. However, let’s remember not to spend most of your time there. That is if you really want to gain experience and win some real prize from poker. The problem is, social networks won’t help you much in terms of building your poker strategy.

However, we do realize some challenges when you switch from free social poker networks to real online rooms. You want to win some prize, but hate losing your money, right? In this case, you should not worry. Some online rooms offer freeroll tournaments. These tournaments allow you to enter for free, yet it grants real money prize if you win. This is your ideal place to step into a higher level in poker.

There are at least 2 benefits you will get from these tournaments. First, it allows you to taste the real poker and even get real money prize, without spending anything except your time. Second, they are better than free social networks. There are real people who are looking for the prize, just like you. In order to win, you need to beat these guys and their mysterious strategies. Care to find out who will win?

Trusted Poker Sites

One place I can recommend to you is PokerStars. This is, until today, the biggest online poker room we have. Most poker players, including those you frequently see on TV, go to this place to play poker. This is the first natural habitat of poker players should you ask me the question.

This place offers various game levels, spread into cash games and tournaments. You can use this chance to learn to play with your real money. You can begin with $10 or $20 while learning how the system works and people play before joining another game.

In most cases, your skills will be greatly improved after several times playing on this platform. This is because you have to face real challenges on this place. Another reason is you will less likely find players who play because they are curious. There are a lot of pros here and they won’t hesitate to beat you anytime, anywhere.

Once you have learnt enough, try entering some tournaments. You can pick the one most suited to you. Let’s keep your eyes from the prize for this moment. Playing in a tournament is on a completely different level than everything you’ve had before. So, it would be best if you use this chance to learn everything, from the strategies to playing pattern. Learn well and eventually you can become the winner there.



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