Scratch-off Lottery and The Lucky Numbers

If you have played scratch-off lottery games or Dadu Koprok before and still won nothing, this is your lucky time. In this article, I will show you one of my best tricks to win so many scratch-off prizes. This time, I will show you how these lucky number: 6,0,8,7,17,12,18,11 have brought me to winning the prizes so many times.

So, what do these numbers mean?

The Lucky Numbers

FYI, every game session in a scratch-off lottery is actually a roll of tickets. Under normal circumstance, the whole roll will add up to either $300 or $600 with just $ 1- $2 per ticket. This means there are around 150 tickets in every roll of $2 tickets, with a total $300 prize to win. As the ticket price goes higher, there would be fewer tickets in that roll. For example, for $5 scratchers, there are only 60 tickets.

In each ticket, you will find a number located at the bottom of the ticket.  As usual, the first ticket will be numbered 000 and the last will be 999. However, as the number or format may differ from one state to another, you may need to ask the clerk before buying a ticket.

The next ticket in the roll will follow the same format. For example, if there are 150 tickets in a roll, the last ticket will be 149. There is no 150, because the first ticket is already numbered with 000. Here is one interesting fact I learned about these numbers. Some of them have been performing very well not just once or twice but in a consistent pattern. They even work so well even in different locations. That’s a good news, for sure.

Do you even know that you can ask the cashier about the ticket number even before you buy the ticket. Of course, they don’t have to tell you, but it is not against the rules if they actually tell you the numbers.

If the casher insisted on not telling the numbers, you can try persuading the store manager. If they still won’t tell it, you can purchase the ticket on a more friendly retailer.

Yeah, they might consider this is a strange request, but still they don’t break any rule by telling you that. Also, if they agree to share the numbers with you, make sure no one is peeping through your back 🙂

Please be caution. Even if they told you the number, they might refuse to sell the winning tickets. In this case, make sure you get tickets with surrounding numbers to increase your winning chance.

You may consider these numbers before purchasing your ticket:

The first ticket (000), 007, 006, 011, 008, 017, 018, 012, and the last 2 tickets.

Per my experience, the $5 scratch-off lottery tickets are the best. This format usually has 50 tickets in one roll with my favourite 049 as the last ticket. In this case, I am always lucky with the 048 and 049 ticket (the last two ticket in the roll). I don’t know how they work so well, but for me they are good enough as long as I can win as much as I want.


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