Lottery Scams, Fraud, and Security

Believe it or not, fake news, fraud, and scams are quite ‘normal’ in a lottery game. Perhaps that’s because there is a lot of money involved in this game. You can easily spot news which reported some people lost their money due to this fraud. Most often, the victims are told that they won the game and had to claim the prize by paying certain fees. Sometimes, the scams are even worse. The victims are told that in order to claim the prize, they have to give up their personal data. Some people reported that they were once asked about their bank account information, SSN, credit card number, mother’s maiden name, credit card expiration date, or CVV2.

Please be aware, whenever you are asked for this information, it is a complete scam. You should never handle your personal information to anyone, even including the bank. You should be the only one holding this information and keep it secret.

It is also important to remember that YOU CAN’T POSSIBLY WIN A GAME IF YOU NEVER ENTERED IT. This is why you should always keep your lottery ticket. It is a solid proof that you once entered the game.

Even if you did enter the game, you should never trust anyone who told you that you win the game. The only one who can claim your winning is the bookmaker. Therefore, if you did receive this kind of notice, make sure you confirm the news first by calling the official bookmaker. It is your only legitimate source who can confirm whether you win the prize or not.

There is one more thing. Make sure you always update yourself with the latest lottery scam news. You can easily find this news on the internet. If you believe you have been a victim of this scam, you should immediately contact your local law enforcement.

It is also a good idea to familiarize yourself with various illegal lotteries abroad. Even if they don’t use it here, they might use the same principles. So, once you are familiar with their method, you don’t have to worry no matter how often they change the name of the fake lottery.

The US Federal Trade Comission can also help you to deal with these scams and fraud. They usually update their website with any known lottery scams. Make sure you visit their website regularly to make sure you know the latest schemes those scammers have to fool their victims. You can also use the website to file a complaint about lottery scam or fraud.

The US government seems to be serious about lottery scams. There are various places where you can find useful articles about lottery scams, not just the US Federal Trade Commission. The US Postal Inspections Office, for example, also have various articles on the same subject. It is a good idea to update yourself with these articles.



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