How You Can Bet on NFL

At ITWFPG, we focus on bringing you the latest news and best articles from betting and lottery world. This time, we will show you how you can win another victory by betting on NFL.

The NFL, as you might know, is one of the most popular betting events in America. With so many people in America alone putting their money on this event, there is no doubt you can get a lot of money if you win this game. However, before you actually wage your money in this sports betting, there are few things you should understand first.

Spread betting

Like many sports betting, an NFL betting is also determined by the number of scores occurred during a game. However, in NFL, there is a slightly different rule about wagering. When you want to bet on NFL, you may see a negative and plus symbol. These symbols indicate whether a team is favored or not to win the game.

Here is a nice example of it.

Indianapolis Colts is set to fight against Tennessee Titans. The spread at kickoff for both teams is -9 (-110) and +9 (-110) respectively. At the end of the game, Indianapolis won the game with 23-20.

The (-110) after the line is commonly known as odds, vig, or juice. Vig is a certain amount of wager the betting site takes from you if you win the bet. In this case, if you win $110 from the game, your profit will be $100.


Other than spread betting, you can also play an NFL betting under moneyline scheme. This scenario is deemed to be more profitable than spread betting if you want to bet on an underdog team.

Here is an example of moneyline betting:

New York Giants: -600

Dallas Cowboys: +450


In this example, if you choose to bet on New York Giants and want to win the $100 prize, you must bet $600. However, if you bet the same amount on the opponent, your profit will increase to $450. As you see, there is a huge gap between the two options. For this reason, some bettors choose to go or even fade against the odds, then bet witha smaller amount than usual.

1st and quarter half line

In most sports betting, people usually bet on the outcome of every game. However, in some sports, like the NBA and NFL like this case, you can also bet on 2 other different occasions. They are the quarter and 1st half line. Of course, there is a difference in betting among these 3 versions.

As the name suggests, if you bet on 1st quarter, you are betting on the winner of the first quarter. At the other side, if you bet on the quarter half line, you bet on who will win the quarter half. That’s how it works. However, as the time range gets closer, you may need to put more attention on every detail that happens during that specific time frame. Anything that happens can change the outcome of the bet. You may even lose the game if you ignore even the tiniest details. So make sure you place all of your attention there. NFL betting sure is tempting, but you can lose as well.


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