How Far Winning A Lottery Can Affect Someone’s Happiness?

There are some interesting facts about how a lottery can affect someone’s psychology, especially if that person wins the lottery. Some studies even revealed that some people are compelled to enter the lottery because of the promised odds. We are triggered when we saw the winners who brought hundreds of millions of dollars home and we think we can be like them, too. We give ourselves excuses that we could win, without actually understanding the odds, leave alone the risks. Prediction sites like can help to increase your chance of winning.

Other studies also revealed that people with lower income have stronger desire to buy a lottery ticket. These people believe lottery will help them to escape life’s bitter reality. In some aspects, they are not wrong. The lottery can surely help them build a better life. However, that will only happen if they don’t rely everything on luck.

Now, what if you won the lottery? Would you be happy? Most people would say so, but some studies revealed the bitter truth. Winning a lottery almost has nothing to do with your happiness in long term. In fact, many winners reported that winning the lottery has a minor change in their life as well as in their happiness. They are as happy as they were before winning the prize.

Hedonic adaptation

So, what about some people who claim their life has become better and happier after winning a lottery? Are they telling lies?

Well, not actually. They might be saying the truth, but it is just for this moment. Winning a lottery might help bring you to a happier and better life, but it won’t last forever. You might be happy for several days, weeks, or even months after winning the prize. However, in the end, you will eventually return to your original mood.

Some psychology experts believe that this phenomenon might be related to our so-called thermostat. For some people, their thermostat is set to happy, while others are depressed or somewhere in between. Winning the lottery will change that thermostat, either up or down. However, as time passes, that thermostat will eventually return to its original setting.

In other words, it only happens in short period of time. It is the short moment of joy that leads many people to believe that a lottery is the only thing they need to build a better life. The fact is, it is not. The lottery will only help you to achieve that goal if you use it well. It depends on how you manage it and keeping the prize from taking control of you. You will have your happy life if you spend the money on building strong relationships, good social life, fun experiences, and other good things. However, if you end up using the money for bad things, the only thing the money will bring upon your life is sadness.

That’s how money works. It doesn’t matter where it comes: a lottery or somewhere else. It can be your friend or enemy. That’s how the power of money can change your life.



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