Everything You Need to Know about Lottery Sales & Revenue

Before you start playing lottery, here are several facts about this game you should know.

How many lotteries are there?

Lotteries are getting more popular these days than ever. Today, you can easily spot government-operated lotteries in every Canadian province, Puerto Rico, Mexico, all 43 states in the US (including DC area), and US Virgin Islands. Elsewhere, you can also find lotteries operated by the public in more than 100 countries on all over the world.

What types of games are there?

Today’s lotteries are available in many forms, including scratch-off tickets, instant tickets, number games, lotto games, video, or keno lottery terminals. These are the most common comes. However, there are also some less popular games, such as passive or Raffles games. In some places, such as Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec, and BritishColumbia, you can even play lotteries in their casinos.

How much is lottery annual sale?

it is estimated that the US lottery annual sale reached at least $200 million in 2016. In Canada, the annual sales reached more than $9 billion in 2012.

Which region sells the most lotteries?

In 2005, the highest selling region in North America and the US is New York with more than $6 billion sales. The recored was closely followed by Massachusetts, which scored $4.5 billion of sales. In Canada, the highest selling region was Quebec with more than $3 billion of annual sales. This number could only be followed by Ontario with more than $2 billion of annual lottery sales.

What kind of benefits public receive from the lottery?

The answer may vary from one jurisdiction to another. In many cases, the public receives at least the tax benefit. Other benefits may include the government’s general fund. That’s when the government decides how they can use the tax benefit. They can use the money for various public services, inlcuding education, environment, economic development, senior citizen programs, healthcare, construction project, social service, sports facilities, tax releif, cultural activities, and other purposes.

Who decides the recipient of the money?

In most cases, you have to follow a  certain procedure set by the local government to claim your prize.

How much benefit does public education receive from lottery?

First, it is important to remember that every region has its own right to use the benefit from the lottery. That means, education is not the only option. They can use it for other various purposes, excluding education.

In many places where the local government dedicates the benefit of education, at least there is an increase in the local education spending. Of course, the higher the education spending, the better it is. However, since there is a skyrocketing need for medical care and security costs, such as new prison construction, some governments tend to dedicate the benefits to other sectors in need. In other words, everything will be up to your local government to use the lottery benefit. They can use it for anything as long as the public needs it. So far, there is no rule that can prohibit them from doing so, as long as it is for the public good.


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