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Simple Steps to Build Your Unique Betting Model

There are plenty of ways you can use to increase your winning chance in betting. One of them is by using a betting model. Don’t worry, it’s not difficult to get it done. You don’t have to hire somebody to make a model for you. Simply follow these steps and you are good to go.

Step by step

First, you need to know what actually a betting model is. A betting model is simply a system that helps you find a specific value in a match by using statistic. In other words, it is a system that helps you to bet based on data, instead of relying only on your luck.

Now, here is how you can make one of your own.

Pick the market

Okay, first, you need to decide the base of your betting model. For example, you want to bet on an over/under game. So, to help you win that game, you need a model that can help you ‘guess’ the total number of goals from both teams, using statistical methods. It is important to pick only one base for your model. The less base you have, the more focus you will put in it and the more accurate the outcome.

Specify your statistics

After picking the base for your model, you need to fill it with data. The second question should be like this, “How far should you collect the data?” Of course, the more data you collect, the more accurate the outcome will be. However, please be cautious. You don’t need to pick data from every match, only the important ones. Usually, it is not farther than both teams’ last 10 matches.

Gather the data

At this point, you should have known where to pick your data. However, please remember. Don’t be too cautious and collect too little. You need as much data as possible that is related to your model. You can easily scale down the amount if they are not needed for the model. Also, get yourself ready. This process might take a long time.

You may be also interested in finding some data from the internet. Thanks to this ‘global archive’, you can easily find almost any type of information with ease.

There are exceptions

After collecting the data, now you have to decide the rules. These rules are for your betting model. You will use the betting model to deal with real matches and for several reasons, it might not work as you expected. Therefore, you have to device how far the model should go, its efficiency and accuracy. It can be anything, but we recommend setting it to several factors that you don’t have enough data on them. As you lack the information, they can change wildly. So, you need to prepare for this.

Build the model

Now you are ready to build your betting model. We recommend using Excel for this purpose. Even so, if you are more familiar with Maple, Freemat, Matlab, or MathCloud, please feel free to use it.

While building the data, make sure you follow all statistic methods. There are many online resources which can teach you about this subject.


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The Brief History of Lottery

Today lotteries have become one of the most famous games in the world. At least millions of people join this game every single day, hoping they would someday win the prize. The number of games available has also grown rapidly in recent years. However, as a game, the lottery is much older than you might think. It can be found in so many ancient cultures and scriptures. It is dated back to millions of years ago when people tried to boost their wealth with a game.

Several centuries later, around the 16th century, people in Florence, Italy began to introduce prize to a lottery. The game is later known as Lotto de Firenze. As the prize began to attract people, the news about getting a huge amount of money by just playing a game quickly spread to other cities. The game soon became so popular that many of those who tried it in Florence tried to bring the game to their own cities, with a little modification of their own. Today, most of the lottery games still go for the name Lotto.

The Colonial times might probably be the golden era of America’s modern lottery. During this era, lotteries are widely held across the country. Most of them were held for either civic or charitable purposes, such as building schools, bridges, or churches. The modern revolution of lottery began to spread in the 1950s when New Hampshire led the revolution by holding its first and most famous lottery back in 1964. Other states and countries soon followed the success.

Today, the lottery has become so famous that anyone knows about it. People of all ages and background are so excited to join this game. It just takes a few bucks for you to have the chance to win hundreds of million dollars. In the US alone, lottery organizers such as Powerball Lottery and MegaMillion can earn billions of dollars from their annual ticket sale alone.

The game spread like wildfire and now, it’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t win a lottery. However, you should remember that no one and nothing can give you 100% guarantee that you will eventually win the prize. No matter how often they win the prize or everything they told you, it’s very important not to believe in their words if they can’t prove it to you. This is a very lucrative game and anyone is eager to scam you and get the money. So, you better be careful. It is always a good idea to join a legit lottery and dig the news from their official news source.

So, choose your favorite lottery and have fun. The latter is very important. Don’t get too focused on the money. Yes, we know how you need the money, but if you are too focused on getting it, you won’t enjoy the game. At the end, it is still a game and every game is always meant to bring fun and joy to those who play it.

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How Far Winning A Lottery Can Affect Someone’s Happiness?

There are some interesting facts about how a lottery can affect someone’s psychology, especially if that person wins the lottery. Some studies even revealed that some people are compelled to enter the lottery because of the promised odds. We are triggered when we saw the winners who brought hundreds of millions of dollars home and we think we can be like them, too. We give ourselves excuses that we could win, without actually understanding the odds, leave alone the risks. Prediction sites like can help to increase your chance of winning.

Other studies also revealed that people with lower income have stronger desire to buy a lottery ticket. These people believe lottery will help them to escape life’s bitter reality. In some aspects, they are not wrong. The lottery can surely help them build a better life. However, that will only happen if they don’t rely everything on luck.

Now, what if you won the lottery? Would you be happy? Most people would say so, but some studies revealed the bitter truth. Winning a lottery almost has nothing to do with your happiness in long term. In fact, many winners reported that winning the lottery has a minor change in their life as well as in their happiness. They are as happy as they were before winning the prize.

Hedonic adaptation

So, what about some people who claim their life has become better and happier after winning a lottery? Are they telling lies?

Well, not actually. They might be saying the truth, but it is just for this moment. Winning a lottery might help bring you to a happier and better life, but it won’t last forever. You might be happy for several days, weeks, or even months after winning the prize. However, in the end, you will eventually return to your original mood.

Some psychology experts believe that this phenomenon might be related to our so-called thermostat. For some people, their thermostat is set to happy, while others are depressed or somewhere in between. Winning the lottery will change that thermostat, either up or down. However, as time passes, that thermostat will eventually return to its original setting.

In other words, it only happens in short period of time. It is the short moment of joy that leads many people to believe that a lottery is the only thing they need to build a better life. The fact is, it is not. The lottery will only help you to achieve that goal if you use it well. It depends on how you manage it and keeping the prize from taking control of you. You will have your happy life if you spend the money on building strong relationships, good social life, fun experiences, and other good things. However, if you end up using the money for bad things, the only thing the money will bring upon your life is sadness.

That’s how money works. It doesn’t matter where it comes: a lottery or somewhere else. It can be your friend or enemy. That’s how the power of money can change your life.


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How Far Can You Guarantee Yourself to Win Powerball Jackpot?

When I first heard about Powerball lottery, I thought winning the jackpot would completely rely on luck. Well, that’s until I learned about the interesting theory about this game. With 1 in 292,201,338 winning odds, do you know that even if you bought the whole ticket, you can still win a huge profit?

Yeah, I know how weird it sounds. Who would possibly want to spend $584 million to buy the whole ticket? Well, let me explain it first. With the lump-sum jackpot estimated at around $930 million, you still have $346 million in your pocket. Also, since you have purchased all the tickets, you will also win all the lower-tier prizes. That means around $200 million extra cash.

Now, if we compare to the $584 million you spent to buy the whole ticket, you can still have $638 million winning.

But, as good as it sounds, this theory has 2 fatal mistakes. The reasons are as follows.

You might have to share your ticket

Victor Matheson, a professor at the College of the Holy Cross who studies economics and accounting once studied the chance of winning a Powerball jackpot. He revealed that the best way to win the prize is by sharing the ticket with 1 other person. If you keep the ticket to yourself, you will only have 25% chance of winning. It is 8% lower than if you share the ticket with someone else (33%). However, if you keep sharing the ticket, you will only decrease your chance. Sharing it with 2 people will leave you with just 25$, 12% for 3 people, and 6% for 4 others.

The professor said all this data lead to 1 conclusive point. It only needs 1 winner to cut your profit.

What if there was no winner from the last drawing? Well, don’t let that fool you. This is unlikely happened. With at least 440 million tickets sold every year, there is 77% possibility that there is at least 1 winner from the last drawing.


It’s almost impossible to buy every ticket

It’s not because no one wants to spend $584 million on the tickets. There are always people who want to spend big in order to win big.

Here is the real reason. it will take too much time purchasing every single ticket. If we need 1 second to purchase a Powerball ticket, then it will take at least 13 years to purchase every combination.

Even if you have an army to do this job for you, it is highly unlikely you can purchase every single ticket before the time runs out. Since the ticket is not available for online sale, you should visit every ticket station across the country to purchase every ticket within 3 days.

It sounds crazy, right?

Well, actually back in February 1992, someone was crazy enough to prove this theory. An Australian consortium tried to purchase every Virginia Lotto ticket in order to win $24 million jackpot. However, even with a company as big as his, he could only purchase 2.4 million out of 7 million tickets sold that day.

Now, please tell me. If a corporation couldn’t do it, how can us?


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These Places Can Turn You into A Better Poker Player

There is one thing I love about poker so much. Unlike many lottery games, this one allows me, as well as everyone, to hone our skills. It is not just a game that relies on luck, but also our skills. There will be always new challenges here in this game, no matter how many experiences you have under your hand.

Once you enjoyed this game, you can’t stop loving it and all the challenges it brings. However, you might find some difficulties when you started playing it for the first time. I once felt the same thing and for this very reason, I want to show you how to encounter this problem.

As I’ve told you before, there are plenty of room to improve your skills in this game. In this article, I’ll show you some of these best places. Remember them and someday you’ll become a great poker player.

Social Poker Networks

Online poker suddenly became our culture darling when Chris Moneymaker won a huge prize back in 2003. Since then, many social poker platforms popped out of nowhere. Two of them, WSOP and Zynga Poker, still remain today as two of the best poker platforms you can play. Today, you can play them for free on Facebook.

Of course, since real poker involves real money, playing at these free platform will not do much to hone your skills. Besides, you will less likely find someone who is particularly good. The only good news is there are thousands or even more players you can find here. All of them have their own playing style. You can use this chance to learn how people play and build their strategies.

Online Rooms

Social networks are a good place if this is your first time playing poker. However, let’s remember not to spend most of your time there. That is if you really want to gain experience and win some real prize from poker. The problem is, social networks won’t help you much in terms of building your poker strategy.

However, we do realize some challenges when you switch from free social poker networks to real online rooms. You want to win some prize, but hate losing your money, right? In this case, you should not worry. Some online rooms offer freeroll tournaments. These tournaments allow you to enter for free, yet it grants real money prize if you win. This is your ideal place to step into a higher level in poker.

There are at least 2 benefits you will get from these tournaments. First, it allows you to taste the real poker and even get real money prize, without spending anything except your time. Second, they are better than free social networks. There are real people who are looking for the prize, just like you. In order to win, you need to beat these guys and their mysterious strategies. Care to find out who will win?

Trusted Poker Sites

One place I can recommend to you is PokerStars. This is, until today, the biggest online poker room we have. Most poker players, including those you frequently see on TV, go to this place to play poker. This is the first natural habitat of poker players should you ask me the question.

This place offers various game levels, spread into cash games and tournaments. You can use this chance to learn to play with your real money. You can begin with $10 or $20 while learning how the system works and people play before joining another game.

In most cases, your skills will be greatly improved after several times playing on this platform. This is because you have to face real challenges on this place. Another reason is you will less likely find players who play because they are curious. There are a lot of pros here and they won’t hesitate to beat you anytime, anywhere.

Once you have learnt enough, try entering some tournaments. You can pick the one most suited to you. Let’s keep your eyes from the prize for this moment. Playing in a tournament is on a completely different level than everything you’ve had before. So, it would be best if you use this chance to learn everything, from the strategies to playing pattern. Learn well and eventually you can become the winner there.


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Poker Film “Shark City” to See DVD Release

The 2010 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure drew a record 1,529 players to generate a $14.8 million prize pool – the seventh biggest in poker history.

Plus, there was some poker news that happened outside of the Bahamas and we’re breaking it down for you below in our ongoing Poker News in Brief feature.

This week we’ll look at a new poker film coming to DVD, Pennsylvania legalizing live poker and table games, Belgium moving to nationalize online poker and Bodog making a big brag.

Legal Poker for Pennsylvania Pennsylvania legalized poker, blackjack and other table games at Casinos this week in an attempt to generate extra revenue for the State.

Previously, casinos in Pennsylvania had been restricted to slot machines only.

It will be six months before games start being dealt in Pennsylvania, but the State stands to make millions in licensing

Several neighboring states are taking notice and Indiana is considering allowing riverboat gambling in Lake Michigan and the Ohio River. Back in November, Ohio voters passed a law that will see four casinos constructed in four cities.

The Pennsylvania law change could have a potentially negative effect on neighboring Atlantic City if Pennsylvania residents opt to gamble closer to home.

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Where To Win At Poker

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